Maurituis: *Bellinda

Maurituis: *Bellinda

Date: May 16, 2016
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I did not believe in myself before. The training which I followed at Gender Links was very helpful. It allowed me build my confidence. Everything was so interesting. I loved every single day spent at this training. I joined the training in 2014. I was able to attend all three phases. This experience was a wonderful one. I did not know anything about businesses before. But, when I followed this course, it was very helpful. It has helped me a build a business plan. I can now manage my own business. During my training at Gender Links, it was very difficult for me to obtain permission from my boss. Often, I had to flee from work. Fortunately, there were days when my boss was not here. Before this training, I worked as a housemaid.

Now, I am the proud owner of a small shop. Thanks to Gender Links and the training provided. I can now control my profit and expenses. I also saved some money from the different “cites”, I made. These savings allowed me develop my business. I was a victim of verbal abuse by my husband. My husband became very aggressive when he drank. He used foul words and tormented me. Sometimes, he started drinking on Friday. He used to spend all his money in alcoholic drinks.

This emotional torture tormented me a lot. Now, my husband has changed a lot. My husband has stopped drinking and we share a better relationship now. There is now more communication and understanding between us. We now share our pain, joy and talk to each other. My children are happy now. They were also victims. My children are also performing better at school. Even my close family has noticed this change. When he drank, it was a nightmare. Now, we are living in harmony and peace. I believe, when women work, it helps to make both ends meet. When my husband was a drunkard, I used to give my children money to go to school. I was responsible to meet the expenses of the house. When my husband stopped drinking, he gave me money. It became easier to meet expenses, as there were two breadwinners. As, I was a victim of violence, I believe, I can be an example to other women. I do not want other women to experience the same problems. I also give advices to women. I want to help reducing violence in the house. I also help children. I do classes with children in my region. It is important to do so, so that they follow the right track. Sometimes, I accept closing my shop just to help these children. I believe that if these children are given the right education, they can be on the right track. I want to protect children from social evils, such as drugs, alcohol. When these kids see me across and call me “Miss Belinda”, I feel very happy. I believe that if these children are given the right

information, they can be independent one day. I also developed new knowledge. I can now keep record of everything happening in my business. For example, I am now able to know how much profit is made and expenses being paid. My future plan is to ameliorate my business. I want my small shop to be converted into a big shop in some years. I also want to ameliorate myself, my house and my family. I want to finish the construction of my house. My dream is surely to see my children succeeding in life. I want them to be highly educated and obtain a good job.  I will try to get my driving license this year. I want to have my car so as to be independent. I can move freely without asking anyone.