Maurituis; *Magdeline

Maurituis; *Magdeline

Date: May 16, 2016
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The entrepreneurship training at Gender Links helped me a lot to be where I am today. I learnt how to prepare a business plan and keep financial records. I joined the training in 2014. I attended all three phases. The training was very much interesting. It gave me new skills and new ideas. The best moments in the training is when they inspired me to go further in my life and business. They taught me about my worth as a woman in the society. They helped build my confidence. And now I have the desire to succeed in my business and my life.

My business is about selling ‘Fruit Salads’ and ‘Roti’. Prior to the training, I could not do a proper planning. I did not keep any record of my expenses and revenue. I was unaware about business transactions and I was not making much profit. After the training, I feel very much satisfied with myself. I am now a well-organized woman. People can no more deceive me because I now know how to do business. I can forecast profits and spending. In fact, I am generating more income than before. I have become independent and I have taken a positive attitude towards myself.

It has been six year since I am separated from my husband. He was a drunkard. He used to beat me. I was having many difficulties with him. I found it very tough to stay with him. Every time, he insulted me and made me feel bad about myself. My husband used to belittle me in front of other people. I felt useless. I was living in a hell.  But I did not give up.  I fought with my difficulties and we are now separated. I live with my three children. I am very much proud with myself. My Children are very pleased with me. I can take good care of them, satisfy their need and pay for their studies. I even noticed them progressing in their studies. My children support me in whatever I do. They have now become my strength.

The look of the society has now changed. Earlier, I felt marginalized. People in my community now support me. They show me respect and encourage me in whatever I do. The training at Gender Links has changed my lifestyle. I am now living a better life with my children. I have become famous and communicate well with others. My dream is to see my business achieve success and to earn higher profit. I also want to complete the construction of my house. And, save money for the future studies of my children. I believe in working hard to achieve what I desire. And I will do it.