Maurituis: *Mariet Lucia

Maurituis: *Mariet Lucia

Date: May 16, 2016
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My Project of Hairdressing

I have joined Gender Links  entrepreneurship workshops in the year 2014. I have been able to attend only two phases of the course. I did not complete the third phase of the course as I was going to give birth to my new-born baby. Gender Links has helped me to become aware of how a woman can be independent.

Now, I have become more conscious of how to start a business. I have learned about the benefits of women entrepreneurship. I have also learnt about important life skills. These life skills have helped me become more confident and be someone that can takes decision and not be ashamed of the decisions I make. Gender Links is very useful overall. The entrepreneurship workshops made me realize do many things about my self and my surrounding. Firstly, that women are as capable as men in terms of setting up a business.  Secondly, that all business plan is based on one’s own determination and perseverance in setting it up. Actually I am not working.

Before, I was working as a cleaner in the hospital. I had to stop working so that I could look after my baby.  I am a married woman with two children. I am twenty- six years old while my husband is twenty-nine years old. I have been married for seven years.. Luckily, I have never experienced any forms of violence from my husband. He is lovely and a good father for my children. We maintain a stable relationship based on trust and sincerity. We decided to get married on the basis of love.

Regarding my business plan, I want to do a course of hairdressing. What I have much appreciated at Gender Links (GL) was about the different usage of hair products. Unfortunately, I have not been able to follow all the three phrases offered by Gender Links. This is the reason why I really want to do the course again. I have not been able to complete the course. I think that then, I will get more details on how to progress and advance in life. I may not have done any business plan till now. However, I am planning to realize this project later on. I know that I am determined to go forward in life. I also want to be a financial support for my husband. He is actually the sole income earner for our family. One day, I’ll open my own business and I will help him to take care of the needs of our family.  Gender Links has already instilled the eagerness of hard work in me. Definitely, if it is not for now to set up a business, it will be for the near future. But I want to thank Gender Links for their motivation not only to help me but also to help