Michelle R. Ritta

Michelle R. Ritta

Date: March 31, 2016
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What I liked the most during the training was that I have got adequate guidance from Gender Links. I was already into a business before but I did not have the knowledge about how to do it exactly until now. The entrepreneurship training I attended in October 2014 taught me how to improve my existing business, how to manage my expenses. Moreover, it helped me for my self-development. I’m more confident and positive. Gender Links has really motivated me.

Earlier, I was taking orders from people to sew their clothes but many of them would not pay. So now I started taking commands only from people I know closely. For the time being, I’m more fascinated in making artisanal things. I can make things like for example, decorative arts, and sculptures. I do not make much because I do not have a specific place for expose my products yet. However, those who know about it would let other people know. I do get clients and sometimes orders too.

It has been a year since I have learnt how to do ‘fleur lebas’ in social community centers and two years since I have learnt handicrafts. I even learnt to do small kits by myself. In addition, I just bought an industrial sewing machine. I wanted that since forever and I finally got one. Now when I sew clothes, they look neat and very well done.

My husband encourages and supports me a lot when I make and sell these things. I did not experience violence as such but he does have a drinking problem and nowadays it is deteriorating. Consequently, I’m not been able to concentrate on my work. When he comes home drunk, he will not stop talking and sometimes it is very irritating.

My future plan is to continue with what I’m doing because I feel comfortable in my own skin when I’m doing this. It would be better if I could get a location where I could do both dressmaking and artisanal things. I’m looking forward to this and I’m sure someday I’m going to have it. One of the lessons that I have learnt at Gender Links is to never lose hope and I will always apply it in my life.