Mozambique- Lurdes Aldina Pires- Chokwe Municipality

Date: July 27, 2018
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Mozambique- Lurdes Aldina Pires- Chokwe Municipality

Lurdes Aldina Pires, is a resident of Chokwe Municipality. In 2013 she was benefited of training with 19 other women victims of Gender-Based Violence, in entrepreneurship techniques, by Gender Links.

After the training, Luurdes, began with a small business selling tomato and garlic through applying 700.00 MZN. Already in 2015, her business grew, as result of the savings she was making, mainly through the social practice known as xitique (traditional system of saving) added to the knowledge about business plan and savings provided by Gender Links.

The indicator of the growth of Lurdes business is to be diversifying the products it trades having passed from tomato and garlic to more vegetables such as beans, okra, onions, peppers, carrots, cucumbers. It has also increased the radius of its customers where they are no longer just the municipality of Chokwe but also those of Guija, Mabalane, Massangena, Mapai, Massingir, Chicualacula and Manjacaze, as result of communication that have had with other women entrepreneurs and engaged in business.

In order to ensure hygiene in the products and also to ensure the easy handling, Lurdes has packed its products in diversified quantities corresponding to also diverse prices thus, has won customers of different categories.

The vein of entrepreneurship is already installed in Lurdes, she is already thinking of opening a nursery to respond to the suffering of children, parents and caregivers of her neighborhood who have traveled long distances to the city where day care centers are located.

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