Mozambique- Anatercia Macuacua- Xai-Xai Municipality

Date: July 27, 2018
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Mozambique- Anatercia Macuacua- Xai-Xai Municipality

Anatercia is an entrepreneur from Xai-Xai Municipality who benefited from entrepreneurship training by Gender Links. His business began with an initial investment of 10,000.00 Metical by buying crockery and reselling in the Limpopo wholesale market in Xai-Xai city. Its main customers are owners of food establishments, neighbors, among others. What motivates its customers is the fact of also delivering to the home.

With this business, the Anatércia can support the basic expenses of home, support of the School of its 4 children, constructed a residence of conventional material type 3, makes savings in the bank Millennium Bim and makes xitique (traditional system of saving) with colleagues of business.

What can be learned from this entrepreneur is its simplicity, friendliness, quality of services and publicity of its products via WhatsApp and in conversation with friends and clients. Anatércia has won more customers by additionally selling wrapping paper, gift ribbon, gift bag and postal ticket, so customers wishing to buy the dishes to give as a gift do not need to move to other wrapping sites. The customers have the complete services at the place of purchase.

In order to further improve its business, Anatércia intends to build a property for the sale of its products, to diversify the type of dishes, to acquire a car to facilitate the acquisition and commercialization of its products, to introduce the use of social networks to advertise progressively its products and attend a business management course to make it easier for she to manage her business.

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