Namatama Letsatsi

Namatama Letsatsi

Date: April 5, 2016
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I am a 58 year old woman from Kasane in the Chobe area. In all the lessons I got from Gender Links I will always treasure the one on drawing up a business plan. I truly loved the topic as it made me realise that the reason we always fail in our businesses is because we did not plan for the business in the first place. I also enjoyed when we were taught how to use the computer. I never thought I will get an opportunity to use the computer especially since I did not go that far at school.

In 2013 I met with Gender Links for the 1st time in 2013 and I attended all the lessons that were offered. The lessons encouraged me to start my free range chicken farming business. At times it was difficult for me to concentrate in class as I was finding it very difficult to deal with the abuse I was going through at home. With time and through encouragement from our facilitators I was able to deal with the abuse and accepted what had happened and that is when I was able to take the lessons seriously.

Before I met GL I was just a house wife and did not do anything I had given up and accepted abuse as part of my life. At times I brewed traditional beer and sold it so that I could support my children. My business of selling chickens is doing well. I got the chickens from Chobe Council after using the skills I gained from Gender Links. The father of my children made my life a living hell and I was only free after he passed away. I noticed a lot of change in my life and that of the children. The children were affected by the abuse more than I realised. They did not perform well at school and as we speak their grades have significantly improved and they are a lot happier.

The people in my community wonder if I am the same person as they knew me as the person who was always sad. My business is doing well and I am now making developments in my yard without any disruptions. I am now able to converse with other business women and men as I understand various terminology used in business such as the sizes of businesses being micro, small and medium enterprises. I also know that for my business to be successful I have to save money and re invest it to grow the business. I wish to see my business having grown in 2030 and no longer operating from home. I am forever grateful to Gender Links for the knowledge they have given me and taking me from a place of giving up to a place of hope.