Namibia: Isolda Skrywer

Namibia: Isolda Skrywer

Date: April 22, 2016
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My name is Isolda Skrywer, I am a 37 year old woman. Before joining Gender Links my life was  very difficult, I had all kinds of trouble, I was struggling with a place to stay and finding a job. I was introduced to Gender Links Entrepreneurship programme which I have been a participant since the “I Story” workshop. That is were I shared my story with other women by talking and had to write and that really helped me a lot.

Fortunately I was hire at a petrol station as a petrol assistant attendant and with the money I got I start a small business selling ready made goods and homemade bread. I am able to pay school fees and run my household with the money I get. I have managed to look after my four kids without any help from any men and I don’t any need for a men. I have built a four rooms house for my kids.

I  have helped a lot of women in my community get out of abusive relationships and to be able to stand on their own two feet. Some I have helped by borrowing them capital to start their businesses. And what I have be taught at the Gender Links workshops, the information I always share with other  women especially the young ones.

I now have a business plan which was written by me with the help of the facilitator and in the year 2014 I was in Windhoek  for the Regional summit with was held by Gender Links whereby people were show casing their business, that for me was very educational trip.

I thank the almighty God for helping me to take away all the stress I had before. And now I intend to build a shop in my yard so that I could stop selling from my house. I have employed one lady to  help me take care of my children and help out with the shop. My wish is to have my business grow bigger, live a better life and give my children everything I didn’t have when I was a child.

I want to encourage my fellow woman to stand up for themselves and not depend on their boyfriends or husbands for support and be proud woman. I thank Gender Links for their help and assistance that they provided, I pray that God bless Gender Links and all its employees and help more woman became strong and brave like they did to me! Not to forget the government for bringing programme such as Gender Links project to our community.