Namibia: *Anna Johannes

Namibia: *Anna Johannes

Date: April 20, 2016
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My name is *Anna Johannes. Before I started with the Gender Links entrepreneurship training, I have been suffering either mentally or physical abuse from my husband, since the joining the Gender Links project I have been empowerment on issues of gender violence and how i can stand and fight back foe myself by starting a business and in doing so I will be free from the abuse I have been experiencing in my house. I have started a small business of selling okapana meat at the construction sites. I am now more respect at the community because they see me as a good example for other women I am not sitting doing anything with my life.

Before training I was not even thinking of getting job neither the less starting a business but I started put what was taught in the workshop into practices and i notice that it is doable and it is possible. I will be forever thankful to Gender Links.

I didn’t get any financial assistance to start my business but now i am surviving by the business, when I started selling product I was getting N$ 25 but now I am getting N$ 75 per day, some time I  get N$120. The beginning is always difficult to start something but now I am helping other people financially by borrowing them money to start their business and for their household.

In the year 2030 I want to buy my own car which I can use for the business and have many employees especially the young women in my community. Having a well established business so that when I leave this world I would leave behind a legacy for my kids. I thank Gender Links for hosting a very informative workshops.