Namibia: Celin Johnson

Namibia: Celin Johnson

Date: April 22, 2016
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I am Celin Johnson, a 36 year old entrepreneur. After years of an abusive life and victim of a drunkard, I am healed totally. I started my business years ago with little income with small products like ice, chips, fudge, sweets and popcorn. Later in 2012 I added more products like different braiding’s, soaps, hair, food, hair fertilizers and also did services such hair dressing from my house as I don’t have more skills.

I went to a workshop that was given by youth credit scheme, teaching  us how  to keep business plan but it didn’t help me that much because they didn’t do a follow-up training to empower me more and for that reason my business was not prospering because of less skills. When Gender Links came along in 2013 it was something else that helped me much. I was taught how to draw up my budget for my household and as well as for my business needs. I am now a growing entrepreneur as I’m going into new projects.

This new entrepreneurship has improved my lifestyle in my house and my community. Sometimes I help women to draw-up their budgets and give advice. This business has open doors for me and with Gender Links follow-up training’s has taught me more. I even bought a cellphone which is making it easy  for me to run my business because I now can communicate with my customers through sms’s, e-mails Facebook advertising.  I know that doing business is also adding up to the economic growth of our town and country.

My income is also helping me to meet the basic needs such as food and other necessities to support my family. I have opened separate accounts for my business and a personal savings account, I have also succeeded in opening an investment account at bank Windhoek that makes me feel I have a strong backbone. I praise my God for healing me and making me a strong person who can overcome obstacles and challenges. My current husband has helped me get over the emotional feelings and helped me build a stronger self-esteem. I have started a catering company as well and by the 2030 i will have a take-away as I have already bought a deep fryer grill and for that reason I’m saving for new market products starting this end of the month because I have seen that there is a demand in my town.