Namibia: *Dantagos

Namibia: *Dantagos

Date: April 22, 2016
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My name is Dantagos born 04/August/1967 in Tses, I am the third child of my parents Baptist at the Luthern Church, Berseba in 1986. I started my school at Kartsigubeb primary school until grade 9 but had to drop out of school due to circumstances and started helping my parents with farming. On the 02/February/1988 I gave birth to a son and my ailment got worse thus I was in and out of hospital and later my brother took me to a private doctor thus I change a bit.

With my two children I met a man in 1992, got married in 1996 and for the first two years of marriage life was good however from the third year on-wards things changed. I gave birth three children under the circumstances and later moved back to my parents’ house and after people spoke to me I moved back to my marital home after four months for the children. For the years we were married my husband wouldn’t talk to me but would laugh happily when with other people.

He abused me a lot and I laid a complaint with women and child abuse center who then called us in where they explained to him what the laws are no matter how angry he is and this is where the first change happened; he stopped abusing me physically.

A wonderful program from Gender Links came in  the year 2013 which I joined, this made my husband question whether I joined the program so that I can report him again so I told him if he doesn’t change then I won’t have a choice. He now is afraid and has changed a lot, he now talks to me if things are not well between us and we deal with the issues together. I can say the Gender Links workshops saved my life and I can now move freely and interact with other people.

Gender Links taught me a lot which I will never forget in my life, I learned what my rights are and how to follow them and because of this I started a business with the money we received at the workshop. I struggle with transport as I buy my stock from Keetmanshoop but I am going.

I take my hat off for Gender Links for everything that they have done, my children are going to school and I pray that Gender Links continue so that other people can also benefit from this.