Namibia: Elisabeth April

Namibia: Elisabeth April

Date: April 19, 2016
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I am Elisabeth April born 1960 in Tses, I am the second eldest daughter of my parents.

I was in an abusive relationship for 14 years; got married on the 4th April 1980 and I have four children from this relationship. I have been married for 30 years which were not easy; throughout the obstacles I was and still remain faithful to my husband.

Since 2012 when I joined the Gender  Links entrepreneurship workshops, I have attended 3 workshops and gained a lot of knowledge. I started a small business at home after starting with the workshop and had a source of income to cover my basic needs. I was just a housewife but now I am a business woman because these training has given me the skills and now I know how to manage my money. I did not ask for any assistants from the councilors.

My husband never changed and when he is under the influence of alcohol he gets worst, I am still with him because I love him and hope he will one day change his ways. Now because of this abusive relationship I started drinking and was at the bars most of the times till I was told about the Gender Links workshops., I had since stopped drinking and I am now a proud owner of a business, my friends and family see the change in me and are happy for me.

A friend of mine who was also a Gender links group member, a strong and empowering woman  passed away recently and because of her I will make sure I get more women involved in the Gender links program and gain the same knowledge and experience  and became great women standing strong and proud.

In 2030 I envision myself as a big business woman owning all kinds of registered businesses around the country employing people and thus bringing about change in the community.