Namibia: Elizabeth Esterhuizen

Namibia: Elizabeth Esterhuizen

Date: April 19, 2016
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I learned a lot from the training i have attended from Gender Links I started the enjoy with Gender Links when we had the “I Story” workshop whereby we had to narrate stories of our lives and that is where the healing began for me and i have never looked back since, I have lifted a baggage off my shoulders.

Since I started with the journey with Gender Links my husband also changed a lot, his attitudes toward me and other people has changed as well. He no longer argues with people and we now all live in peace and harmony and  he no longer drinks or smokes. He doesn’t want to insult anymore and although he is the man in the house we make collective decisions as before he would be the only one making decisions in the house.

The business started small but I can see some changes although still struggling with the machine. I wish that I could have a financial assistant from the bank so that I would have everything to operate my business smoothly ut i can not since i am not working.

My community also has noticed the change in my family and i have shared the information that i learned from Gender Links with them. I would like to start a project that would involve children as they don’t have anything to do in Berseba and I have talked with the police and they are willing to help with the project.

One day I want to have a big business in Berseba. I appreciate Gender Links people for taking time out to teach us, I also learned a lot in Mariental on rights.