Namibia: *Gloria

Namibia: *Gloria

Date: April 22, 2016
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Before I joined the program my life was bad and a lot has changed ever since, I even told by friend how difficult life was before. I joined the program in the year 2013 and didn’t know much about financial management and didn’t even have such in my house, we survived by the grace of God. My life changed because of Gender Links and I will hold on to God’s right hand and pray for Gender Links.

I want to continue on the path I was enlightened on, my car is now fixed and I now transport school children to school in the morning and after school and in that way I make money to feed my children and save some money so that I would buy more big cars to transport school children.Life is better now for me and my children and even some of the community members are starting to notice the change in my life and my health since I started with the Gender Links workshops.

The workshops has taught me a lot especially about the business. When we started with the workshop we had an “I Story” workshop and that for my has be an eye opener and has lifted a lot of weight. Talking to women with the similar problems as you has helped a lot and the healing through writing has been the best thing I can do for myself. Talking opening not being afraid of the judgements and the gossip.

On the business side the facilitator has taught us so many thing, I am able to draw a business plan and operate a business and make profit. The one thing that I wished they had done for us was to help us with the capital to start our business as we are struggling. It is very difficult to get a loan from the bank to start the business. There are no more tears or sicknesses however the devil is still around in the world. Women wore the same dresses from Monday to Friday but now things changed because of Gender Links Entrepreneurship workshop and we are now able to change clothes and shoes. I wish to own a big business sometime in the future and by 2030 I want to be the one of the richest women in Namibia.