Namibia: Ingrid von Francois

Namibia: Ingrid von Francois

Date: April 22, 2016
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My name is Ingrid von Francois 40 years of age born in Windhoek. I got married in the year 2000 at the age of 26 whilst I was pregnant with my son. I have eight beautiful children and I pray to God that he makes me a strong woman and to give me the strength so I see my children grow up.

It was on 2013 when a friend called me to attend the entrepreneurship training  offered by Gender Links and I was happy to be part of the program as I want to learn as much as possible from it. I want to be strong on my own and start a business. I however don’t want to start it with his money as I will not hear the end of it.

I do not have money to start a business but would like to open a plastic recycling place where I can be the manager and employ other people. It is difficult to get money as banks are not willing to assist with loans as they look at everything including my husband’s history and the fact that I am not working does not help.

The only  thing I am good for in the house according to him to have sex with him and  clean the house and do the house chores only. My husband has once hit me with a chair behind my head while I was breastfeeding the baby and an ambulance had to called to take me to the hospital. I did not open  a case against him as he is the only breadwinner in the house, that time I was working part time and could not maintain myself and my five children. My husband believes in his friends and alcohol, me and the children come last in his life. If I ask for money to buy food he would  insult. From my N$ 800.00 I had to buy food, clothes for myself and the children. I had to keep my children happy as tomorrow they would be the ones to caring for me.

The Gender Links workshops have boosted my confidence, I am a better mother to my kids who I know look up to me as a role model. I need to get out of my comfort zone and start making something good for my children. Thank you Gender Links you have been a God sent not only to me but to mu family as you have given me a second chance in life.