Namibia: * Joicy De Almeida

Namibia: * Joicy De Almeida

Date: April 19, 2016
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My name is Joicy De Almeida a 54 year old woman, a used to be introvert until I heard of the Gender Links training and I was introduced and i have never looked back since. I joined the course for the first time in 2013 and managed to open up and do away with the negativity that was in my life and in my relationship as I didn’t have any confidence or self-esteem because of my boyfriend.

I completed all three workshops of which the entrepreneurship training was the most interesting to me, my life took a turn for the better as I can stand for myself and make my point I can now manage my own business which I couldn’t do previously. My aim is to create more employment opportunities in my community members.

The course helped me build my confidence in order to manage my own business, get out of that relationship and to proof myself. Where I didn’t matter before I can now see the difference as life has become a song where I can smile, laugh whenever.

The council assists us by availing the community hall free of charge whenever we have an event.  The training’s helped me to go a step further in life, abuse has reduced  as I now bring in my own money thus am able to make my own decisions and the business is doing well as we do not have a clothing shop in the village and my services are much appreciated by the community.

I learned that one is never too old to learn and that one can’t bring about change with violence only with peace. I plan to have more people work for me and by 2030 I want to own my own business property. Thank the Lord for Gender Links, for thinking about us, teaching us and giving us hope and wisdom for a future.