Namibia: *Karen

Namibia: *Karen

Date: April 19, 2016
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My name is *Karen I was born in Eengongo village Omusati region, a mother of two kids. I got a entrepreneurship training from Gender Link in the year 2014 and became aware of Gender Links through the Ministry of Health. The first training that I attend was facilitated by Gender Links staff member and Mr Fabian. I was happy to learn that this organization come from South Africa to empower local women. I attend all the workshops. This training taught me how to record my receipt for business in order to know how much I spent per month. I learn how to make a business plan, now can help other people with their business plans.

I remember abuse that went through and since the trainings, now I can stand up myself, I can speak out when I am not happy, I can defend myself. I learn that women also need to be respected just like men as equal partner. Before the training my business was not doing well but after training it started to pick up. Now my business has expand I am now selling more product then before, I am confident that I can sell any goods because I am well trained. To me Gender Links has helped me, I am getting more income than before, and I can buy food for the family. My husband if he didn’t buy bread for kid I can buy for them.

Even although the business is doing fine, there are some challenges that I face.  I am still didn’t have a place where can start selling my product, but that is not end of the world, I am trying ti find were I can to get more capital so that I can have my own property for the business. Now I got more respect from people in our area because I am a business woman. They think I am more important than before. I am no more suffering from abuse because my husband does not drink too much alcohol anymore. He has opened bank account for children. For now I don’t have any employee, only my children help me when I need help, because they are not working. I am planning to recruit at least two people to help me, in case I am sick so that my business will not close down.

I believe that women can do better when it came to the business. I want women who are suffering to stand up and start working for themselves by starting their own business, so that men will respect them. In the future I am planning buy bakkie so that I can be able to transport people from my village to town and buy new stock because it’s very far from village to town. I thank our council even although I didn’t get plot as I have been asking my council to help me with the but atleast they introduced me to Gender Links. They should continue to bring more development to town.My

My vision is that by 2030 I must be a well known business women in the history of Namibia, I also want to became a musician for spiritual songs by singing with a keyboard and make good video for the nation, so that I can help at different event such as funeral, confirmation, baptism. With help from God everything will be better for me.