Namibia: Lena Lukas

Namibia: Lena Lukas

Date: April 22, 2016
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I am Lena Lukas, I had a tough journey but I made it! After what happened in my past I now live a peaceful life, I got a new job and am now supporting my family. I never knew life could be this great and it makes me proud to be able to provide for my family, I thank God for being there for me after everything I went through.  With the support of my family, the community as well as a few churches today I am grateful.

I joined the training in 2012 attending all three Gender Links entrepreneurship workshops and what I learned is to abstain from violence and things that are associated to violence, the whole training was very useful to me. I used to be a house wife but now I work for myself as the training brought a lot of good things, being able to stand up as a women and doing something for my children without any assistance from the council.

I did experience a lot of violence in my life from my husband which I will never allow to happen in the future to me or anyone close to me. My children who suffered a lot because of  the violence in the house are now coping well after everything. Through my experience I  have now be able to help other women and share my story with other people in my community members. I am now seen as more beautiful as I am happy enjoying my life, being loving and caring to myself and my children. We have the best law in our country as it has helped me a lot and fairly.

I have respect for everyone, even the smallest child in the community. I live a good life and in a well behaved manner. My future plans are to start my own business and to be my own boss. By 2030 I want to own a business, have a house, drive my car and live life with my grandchildren. I would like to thank Gender Links for bringing life back to me, I now see the light after all the darkness and am enjoying life like never before.  I am now making new friends, meeting new people my life changed. Thank you very much, I thank God.