Namibia: *Monika Wilbard

Namibia: *Monika Wilbard

Date: April 20, 2016
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My name is *Monika Wilbard, I started with the Gender Links entrepreneur training skills on 02 July 2014 which was organize by Gender Link Namibia. I learn a lot  from workshops for an example how to draw a business plan. With the information I have acquired from the workshops it has helped me a lot with my business and I now see a potential of growth.  Everything that we were taught in the entrepreneurship workshop were very important, because it has help  me to change certain strategies and ways of doing business which have been very useful.

I have a small hair salon business which was not doing well but now that I have acquired business skills from attending all the workshops my business is going to make profit for me and soon. The workshops has boosted my  energy and strength to do better things, I even start doing different hair styles and hair products in the salon, which will help me generate more income.

Now that we are separated with my boyfriend, life has become better; my business was not doing well, because he was taking money from business and uses it for his own purpose. The boy friend that I have now is so friendly; he doesn’t take other people’s money. I am living with peace of mind than before, now can even save some money at bank unlike before, when I was still living a dangerous life.

On  09 June 2015 I also attend business conference in Windhoek ,where I learn a lot about business learn different skills from different business people ,while I  was in Windhoek I visited different shop that sell same products like mine ,just to familiarize with my self with what they doing. I learn how to serve my customer ,if you are selling you should know your customer  for example were they  come from , what is their name and what types of product their like. My business need financial assistance ,so that  I can expand it further and employ more workers, by the year 2030 I want to grow my business to have many branches in my area. I thank Gender link for provide entrepreneur workshop.