Namibia: Natalia Nangobe

Namibia: Natalia Nangobe

Date: April 19, 2016
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Now what I am empowered I plan to teach other women

Ogwediva, Namibia, 8 March 2016: My name is Nakandjemo* I come from Ombila village in Oshana region and have five children. I started training with Gender Links on 10 July 2014. I got information about the workshop through the Ministry of Health and social services. I was so happy because this is the first time I am attending such a workshop. On the second day we were taught about gender base violence and how to use a computer, so the workshop went well. We learned how to start a business, I was really concentrating during the workshop. The Gender Links workshop taught me how to grow your business. I realize that it is very important for women to own a business so that they will not depend on their husband.

Since I started attending the workshops my business is doing well. I am not suffering abuse anymore as I earn my own money from my business. I can buy my own food and pay school fees for the children. Now that I am empowered I want to teach other women about entrepreneurial skills that I gained from Gender Links so that women can be empowered in our community. If you give more women business skills, then poverty will reduce in Namibia.  I am no longer abused by my husband we made peace. This happened because now I am making money and can buy food for the house and contribute to our children wherever I can. Our children are progressing well at school since they are no more facing poverty unlike in the past. Now I feel like I am empowered with information to make right decisions.

I hope by 2019 I will be able to build my own house, because I will get enough income from my business. I thank God for leading me and protecting me ‘there is saying in Oshiwambo that if you don’t say thank you in life, you might steal other people goods’. I would be happy if I could get financial assistance for my business from the community and local municipality.