Namibia: *Ndeutala ya Nambili

Namibia: *Ndeutala ya Nambili

Date: April 20, 2016
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My name is Ndeutala ya Nambili, from Outapi consitituency. I was introduced to the Gender links entrepreneurship workshop by the “The Namibian Police protection unit”. I have never missed a workshop, I attended 3 phase about women becoming entrepreneurs and we were given skills in those workshop on how to run/manage to be successfully, how to serve your customer and save some money. At beginning of training I was struggling to understand because have been living an abuse relationship for years and not having self confidence.

I started thinking positively about my life and changes I wanted to see in me and my relationship and eventually after listen to other women issues regarding gender based violence i started feeling as if the heavy load that was in my shoulders has been lifted.  My heart and mind start telling myself ,when you were abused in your life is not the end of the world ,there is always tomorrow, I can still do a lot in life and help my children to grow have been living in painful life. There was time when I was thinking I am just useless person because I though there is nothing I can do in life. I decide to plant vegetable and fruit in my garden, so that can generate my income to sustain my self. My business is now well known by people, can see now I am real fighting for survival.

My partner has even left me but I am happy about the decision that he made to leave us with my kids because he was stealing for the business ans the house. There is peace in my mind and heart.

 My business is now booming, I want to recruit more people in near future. I want to get training in agriculture, so that I get some crop farming skills which can use to grow fruit and vegetable. I thank Gender Links for providing us training, where I learnt about relationship between partners. I learn how to attract customers for example advertises your product on local radio, I learn how to serve customer as well make business plan.After training now I open a account at Nampost I am saving money now.

I want to build my big house ,buy a car,to help orphan children and poor children in order  to meet government half way by vision 2030. I want also to give half of my profit to child organization.