Namibia: *Omukulukadi

Date: April 19, 2016
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I am 52 years old and I have five children. I started Gender Links workshop in the year 2014. I became aware of Gender Links workshop through women and network an organization for people who are volunteering for community policing, under the leadership of Namibian police force. Since I started training it really help me to win the fight against gender base violence. I have been suffering  but now my life has change for better, I even started to sell vegetables and fruits so that I can able to take care of children and provide them with a bread when they are going to school. Now I am selling different product such as apples, oranges, onions as well as Okapana. My children are living better now unlike in the past when we were suffering. Through this workshop I learn a lot about how to sell my producst, how to get profit from my business. People from local area are also benefiting because now my business is closer to them.

My life  has really changed for the better now because I am no more experiencing gender violence .For now I am staying only with children. I am no more experiencing harassment, not even beaten up with stick, am happy that my life is back to normal. I am also progressing well in life. I learn a lot from training it has boosted my confidence to work hard. I am selling my product from home and I put up some sign for marketing product in order to attract customers. I have more customers who buying from me. My business is growing because I can make N$ 150 per day and end of the week I make 900.After I pay all expenses I make a profit of N$ 100 for helping my self. I learn how to save money and how to use your profit. Now I understand that in life you need to discuss your problem with your friend who is also affect by problem in order to find common solutions. We even establish support group so that we can share idea from one another. My life has change for better even although I am living with HIV AIDS, I am on medication and I follow instructions from the doctor. It was not easy to accept my statutes, but I realize this not end of the world life continue.

I have been living with HIV AIDS for eleven years, I have good health and I am strong to do whatever other peoples doing. Domestic gender base violence still happens in our home, because people are not happy in their house. Young people are dying each and everyday, raping of women and daily robberies.

Now I have new knowledge about how to start a business and save some money. I want to work hard so that I can become a giant in business. I also want to help other people so that we can encourage each other. I want my business by 2030 to have grown and be well known.