Namibia: Selma Amunyele

Namibia: Selma Amunyele

Date: April 20, 2016
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My name is Selma Amunyele, I am 41 years old born in Omufitu weelo in Omusati region. I am a married woman with six children.  I am a farmer who depends on farming I started attending Gender Links workshop on 03 July 2014. I learn a lot from the workshops for example how to maintain your business and also I was awarded a certificate. Before I start the training I was not working, I was just sitting at home. I learn how to start a business, how to serve customers for example you should always serve your customer well cooked foods. I learn how to attract them to your business for example giving them price discount.

I also learn how to earn more income for example selling more products to customers, so that they could have many choice to chose from. I also learn how to get more customer for example if you need more customer you should go to them don’t wait for them. This workshop help me to reduce domestic gender violence at home, because I am now sleeping  well  and my heart is no painful anymore because I am living a health and happy life.

But one thing I have learned through out my life is that men when you when you are not helping financially in the house they don’t respect women and that contribute to the gender base violence in many instances, so as women we need to get up and do it for ourselves and stop depending on men. With the projects like the Gender Links projects we could go very far as women and we need to share the information with other women in our communities.

The community has learned to respect me as a women and our council has not done anything particular for me except for introducing me to Gender links. By the year 2030 i would like to see more women and children  being free from the abuse from heir partners and husbands and my business growing.