Namibia: Sikes

Namibia: Sikes

Date: April 22, 2016
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I joined the Gender Links entrepreneurship training in  the year 2013 and attended all the three phases. It was a pleasant experience that I learned a lot from, the most important was how to deal with the house, husband, children and money matters. At first I was lonely but now I learned how to be with people and to ask questions when I don’t understand, which was a challenge because of the language barrier and having to work on laptop but we managed and now I have a email address which I have created myself by the help of the Gender Links facilitator.

Before the training I just staying at home and waited for customers to come but now I can communicate with people as the training helped that now I even know where to seek assistance, we get help from the council to make use of the fax machine, sending of e-mails as well as when we want to type letters. They also promised to give us a place where we can operate our businesses from as they have two people that assist us when we come with our problems. There was never really anyone who could assist us but after the training we received information.

My husband used to like fighting and never allowed me to visit other people or attend community meetings but now he understands after I shared with him all the information I acquire. We now live in harmony and don’t argue and fight anymore. He allowed me to work and I now work 110 km’s from home and he stays with the children and looks after the farm.

I’m grateful for Gender Links and their people, I always share about the training to people who share similar problems and how it changed my life. I also started getting more customers and am very happy about that, I learned never to borrow or lend business money and to always draw up a budget. I learned to save money and not just use. One day I want to expand my house and buy myself a car and by 2030 I want to be rich and live a comfortable life. I want to say thank you to Gender Links staff and head office for the experience and teachings. We love you and please do come again.