Namibia: Teopolina Wahango

Namibia: Teopolina Wahango

Date: April 21, 2016
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My name is Teopoline Wahango,  I am a residence of Walvis Bay and I have two children. I started attending Gender link workshops in May 2014.I have learn a lot from training for example how to save your profit. I didn’t experience any major problem during the workshop except language barrier. I was struggling to understand English, some time I would ask a person sitting next to me during the workshop to explain to me in oshiwambo so that I can catch up with the lessons. Before training I was struggling to sell my product because I was not having enough knowledge on how to attract more customers into my business, thank you Gender links now I can confident says I am true empowered.

I am visioning 2030 to have grow my business to the extend that I can generate more income and recruit more workers. I am encouraging other people who want to start business to start and work hard for their life, if  they do not have enough information, they can ask any Gender links staff members to assist them  to establish business. This workshop it really change my life for better even although I am not earning enough money. I am appealing to any one to assist me financial so that I can grow my business because I really want to work hard for my business. I am a hard working women, I want to help my children. I am not just a house wife, but I can work on my own without any assistance. My business is not really doing well, but I can assure you I am confident that can succeed because I am now empowered by Gender Links.

The relationship between me and my customer has improved now unlike in the past. Now I can attract more customers through sending message on the phone. I am facing challenges of space, because I don’t have place to sell my product, usually I sell from the government office. I am appearing to Gender Links to provide me some financial assistance so that can be able to build my market place. I am still selling okapana meat. I will not stop selling it until I grow my business further.

Since I am business women my husband is not comfortable with me anymore, he can’t say anything about me. I am always angry with him, because he drinks alcohol. When he got money he only spent money on alcohol, he don’t buy foods. My life has bit change because some time he  try to push me, touch me and making me feel pain but he don’t beat me. One day he wanted to beat me but I told him I will report him to the police. It is my right to report him and Gender Link taught me that there is no one who has right to beat anyone or harassing. I thank Gender for open my mind so that I can start doing business. Gender Links should continue visiting our business premises so that we can know were we are doing good or bad.