Namibia: Trosley Kaizemi

Namibia: Trosley Kaizemi

Date: April 21, 2016
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I am a married woman with 2 children. I have a service business in Outjo kunene. I providing services such as hair cutting, braiding, dying hair and providing advices to customers how they should treat their hairs. I also selling ice and dry chips as a backup.  I started doing this type of business while I was still at school and continues with the same idea after completing my secondary education. I decided to continue with this business due to the fact that I was unemployed while having children to support and pay for their school fees. I like my business very much since I making a profit and the community ladies are too supportive as well.

My potential customers of the business are waitresses, teachers, students, nurses and self employed people. I understand the local business environment since I was born in Outjo and my ambitions is to create more branches in other towns for my business to grow. With the little income I am getting from my business my life have changed very much than before because I can afford to buy whatever I wants to buy and pay for water and electricity.

I am very grateful to have been invited to th e Gender Links’ Entrepreneurship workshops because she learnt about how to manage the business and how to prepare a business plan. I am providing my service on cash and carry principles to avoid loss because I managed to open with the bank in order to save some of my profit money.

The training came at a right time while I was struggling with my business and I really appreciated because I am now capable of doing my own budget and conduct market for my services and products. I am bit worrying about failing to secure a bigger place where I can operate because currently operating at home and the space cannot accommodate more customers.  The situation of violence I went through has taught me to be a real person with full responsible of myself and care for my family. Ad I have  attended all the phases of he workshop.