Namibia: *Vrietzu

Namibia: *Vrietzu

Date: April 19, 2016
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I’m Vrietzu , 58 years of age. I joined Gender links entrepreneurship workshops in 2009 when I was a councilor of the Berseba village in that year. Right now I would like to applaud the personnel of Gender Links who opened my eyes with regards to the powerful influence and information received as it really directed me and helped me overcome situations.

The main challenge was  alcohol and drugs abuse as well as the one night stands with young women.  Reflecting on the past nothing really changed as he still stay away from home on weekends, month-ends and not supporting the family financially or contribute to the monthly expenses at home all this contributed to the school drop out of my children.

Based on the strong motivational talks/ speeches by the Gender L people I started motivating my children and had them enrolled in different vocational training center where they completed courses in hospitality and front office duties & responsibilities. Both are helping me with entrepreneurial activities and earn an income of their own. From the profit the business makes we deposit in all our savings accounts and are still able to pay for household needs and settle the water and electricity bill. At times my husband treats the children bad because of the little earnings and demands they buy him tobacco or credit, here the violence continues however I stood firm and reported him to the police and he got a warning.

In comparison to the past, he still acts rude but we no longer run around in the middle of the night looking for shelter. Close relatives also encouraged me spiritually and although the violence continues we are economically independent and empowered.

Due to the small business more women are motivated and encouraged, supporting me through applause’s and appreciation of the work I do. Through the knowledge gained I feel empowered and now it is only the limitation of resources that keeps me from expanding. My next step is to become the best entrepreneur, a role model to other women, by 2030 I want to be a agent of change and put my name of the SADC countries map.