Natalie Catherine

Natalie Catherine

Date: March 31, 2016
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Rise from the ashes

I joined the Gender Links to follow the entrepreneurship course back in 2013. I was then staying at Crysalide; a shelter for sex workers.

My life has changed after this course and I can strongly affirm that I am much better today than previously. I have known many difficulties in life and I have learn to overcome them through this course. I started my business with the cultivation of mushroom. I followed a course to understand the basics of the business. I started to cultivate mushroom and the process was very easy and I could earn a lot of profits out of it. I learned from GL course how to market my business. I then went to seek for a stall in one of the most reputed supermarkets in Mauritius. I actually succeeded to have a stall and my products were easily sold and very much in demand. This financial independence made me feel stronger. I once believed that GL would provide fiancé for me to set up the business, but when I realized that this will not be case, I did not step back. I took up job in a shop in the morning so that I could save money to invest in the business. All was going smoothly until one day, I fight broke up between me and I mother. Actually, I left Crysalide to live with my mother and I was doing my business within my mother’s house. I was always having issues with her since she reproached me every now and then for the past life that I had. One day, she took all the mushroom and put in the refrigerator under a maximal temperature. All the mushroom rot and could not be sold. I don’t know if she did it out of jealousy or hatred for me.

I made immense lost due to the act of my mother. I then decided to leave her house and I rented a flat where I am staying with my kids. I still work at the shop to sustain my family. Being a divorcee and living only on the alimony I receive from the father of my kids would not suffice. Hence, I have took up this job at a tourist shop so as to be able to pay the rent and paying for all house expenses.

I was doing very fine previously. I has my business name tags on all my products, I was financially better and all went in water just because of my mother. However, I will not let go of my dreams. I plan to restart my business in the house that I am living right now. I will find a place and store all the mushrooms and grow my business again. I know that I have

the courage to do it and I will succeed with hard work. I have also found the love of my life and we are planning to move in soon and probably get married as well.