Nazelee Nasseb

Nazelee Nasseb

Date: March 31, 2016
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Gender Links (GL) has given me courage and made me more than determined to work hard and achieve my dream. I am the only bread winner in my house. My husband does petty jobs here and there but he would never give me money for the house as he would spend all his money in alcohol and his personal pleasure.

Given my situation, I needed to find an immediate job to survive as I also have to feed my kids. I wanted so badly to have my business but my financial condition did not allow me to pursue that wonderful dream of mine. I wanted to open a restaurant and sell Mauritian and Chinese food. I love cooking. I fact, I love all about good taste and spice. I wanted to open up a restaurant near my place because where I live, there are two textile factories and one artisanal tourist factory. The place is very familiar to tourists as well and I am sure that the restaurant would have worked perfectly.

Once, I went around to check the rates for renting a building where I could open the restaurant. The places I went to seek for were frequently packed with people. I was sure to gather a large amount of client in such a place. However, the different rents proposed were unattainable to me. I could not afford to pay half the amount of rent claimed. Currently, I am working to sustain my family and I work in a company providing cleaning services. I go around office and bungalows to clean toilets and bathrooms. I work only to fill in the stomach of my family. Hence, paying a rent was imaginable for me. I saw my dreams shattered in seconds when I learnt about the rent prices. It was far that achievable for me and I could not take a loan to embark the business as my minimal salary of Rupees 8000 per month would not permit me to have a loan.

I am thus still trying to find an end so as to embark as an entrepreneur. Had my husband supported me, I could have managed to set up the restaurant but he is never willing to be part of contributing for the good of our family. He is still very violent and most of the times, I avoid him for the simple aim of not taking additional stress due to him. I, being the breadwinner, I have all the responsibilities of the house on my shoulders and I cannot save enough to invest in the business as the minimal that I receive only goes in daily living expenses.

I think I have been unlucky in life until I met Gender Links (GL) whereby the entrepreneurship course enabled me to stand on my feet and build up my confidence. Though I have not been able to open a restaurant, I have found an alternative way. I take orders to prepare food and I cook from home and deliver to clients. Many people contact me for ordering the traditional ‘briyani’, ‘dholl puri’ or even Chinese food on different occasions like birthday, marriage or an anniversary. I also have my permit to do so and I am happy of doing this business that I forever loved. This business might look tiny but the money I gain out of it enables me to buy gifts and toys for the kids. I do not want my kids to live in the same situation as I do. This is why I always try to make them happy and feel like nothing is missing in their lives.