Neela Sohadevan

Neela Sohadevan

Date: March 31, 2016
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When I attended the course in 2014 at the beginning I was a bit shaken up. Things were not clear in my head. I was recovering from a very big trauma. I was undertaking medication to help me out of my mental situation. But as soon as I started following the course, things started to feel right. It’s like I took a second birth. I will never forget the way I was welcomed and put at ease. I got a lot of moral support. I used to live on sleeping pills but ever since I got accustomed to GL, I got back on track. I no longer need any medication to relax.

My main challenge was that I had a very negative feeling about life. So many times I have thought of and attempted suicide but each time I survived. I was so deeply rooted in negativity that I refused seeing the bright side of life. I thought this was what I was destined with. But, the advices of miss Sabrina have changed me completely. They have been for me have been a boost to my morale.

I used to be a housewife when I my husband was still alive. But after his death I took a job as carer. I look after sick people. I did not necessarily applied whatever I learned in business, but I took it to personal level. Every day by the end of the training I used to feel revived. I have been a victim of harsh domestic violence on behalf of my husband but I never voiced out even once. After the death of my husband, I lost interest in life. All I I used to do is lie around the house not doing anything. I had lost all interest in doing anything. I used to think of death all the time. But ever since I became aware of the values and teachings of GL, I started to have a positive outlook on life. My attitudes, behaviour and way of living have changed. My daughter feels relieved that I have a healthy lifestyle now.

I have learned that life is worth living. Even though alone, the journey of life is worthy to be enjoyed. I want to pursue studies in caring for the elderly and sick. This is my aim for the rest of my life.