Date: March 31, 2016
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The entrepreneurship training I took in October 2014 was life inspiring. It took me out of my obscurity and made me step forward. It made me realise my worth. I always thought that I was useless, ‘good for the trash’ but the training made me realise the contrary. It taught me how to develop and evaluate a business, for example if you want to sell fruits, you must choose a place where there are more people. I have learnt how to choose my place of sale and how to analyse a situation. What I liked the most in this training was that it helped me for my self-development. I became more empowered.

When I completed the training at Gender Links, I could not start up a business right after because I had to undergo an eye surgery. Before taking the course, I was already in the marketing. I was selling products of Yves Rocher, with which I managed to send my daughter to the university to pursue her studies. Furthermore I met lot of people who suggested me to sell more variety of products. So I did, I became sales agent for Avon products too. Recently, I became a representative of Eco Clean. I feel good and happy for myself.

I was experiencing violence from my husband before the training. But now I put everything in the past. I do not ask him anything. I’m a working woman hence no more dependent on him. I feel free, I’m no more a slave to man. The training at Gender Links has taught me how a woman can live on her own, without relying on man. My children can see the change around us. They are here for me and do support me. A few days ago, they took me to Casela where I did many activities. I had fun and this is how I want to live my life without worrying about useless issues.

In my opinion, there is a link between economic empowerment and reducing gender violence. The more she is empowered, she is working and earning money she will not be dependent on man. Her behavior will change as she will not care about what the man is saying or doing. Avoiding conflicts will reduce violence.

My dream is to help my son in completing the construction of his house. I’m comfortable and happy with the job I’m doing for the time being. I do not feel ready to set up a business because of my health problem but I intend to start up one in the near future. I’m very thankful to Gender Links for making me feel good about myself.