Botswana:Ntebang Malale

Botswana:Ntebang Malale

Date: April 12, 2016
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I was miserable and always heartbroken when I met up with Gender Links, I am a 41 year old woman hailing from Maun. I joined Gender Links entrepreneurship workshop in 2013 where I had a kick-start on business management. I learnt the importance of business as it helps better the lives of the people running it.

There are three different types of business namely micro, small and medium. One is to know and understand what type their business is. There is also market gap which is assessing the need of the business and how easy or difficult it will be for others to copy it and venture in to it.

There is need for keeping the records on how the business is doing, the cash flow being important so to record the income and the expenditure of the business. I also learned about fixed costs, insurance, paying employees regardless of what the company makes. These lessons helped me a great deal.

I was unemployed and had given up on life, now I have collaborated with Ipelegeng scheme. When I start my business I will have the necessary knowledge and a clear conscious thanks to the counselling I received I will be able to talk to people.

I was emotional and depressed when my partner left me when I was 3months pregnant, my family has been my pillar of strength, they provided me with a shoulder to cry on and gave me hope that God will provide it all for me. I stopped communicating with him but because I am now at peace I talk to him now.

I am now able to use the tactics acquired from Gender Links to help those in need of counselling patiently and I do not hesitate as I know it may change someone’s life. I teach them not to give up on life that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

To map my way forward I intend to visit organizations that provide loans to aid business start-up. By 2030 I hope to have a fruitful business that I will work hard in, put laziness aside and strive.

I will like to thank Gender Links for all they have done for me. I am now able to talk to other people about abuse and also business skills without fear. I pray God blesses them and grant all their wishes as they helping us get what we wished for.