Olebogile Osetse

Olebogile Osetse

Date: April 11, 2016
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The program I attended was the one where I was taught about starting up a business, how to run it, and the importance of saving up profits gained. I learnt how to use a computer, how to organise funds and record keeping.

I first attended training in 2014 and managed to attend all the sessions, where I learnt about, market gap, market research, business plan and the monthly report cash flow. I was not working, I just stayed home every day not knowing where my life is headed then I reached out to Gender Links. Now I’m a crop farmer, I harvest grass for thatching roofs and sell it, I also work for Ipelegeng. I have gained a bit of confidence, I am now able to show up at kgotla meetings and visit people.

The abuse I experienced was from my children, some would drop out of school and the others quit their jobs I suffered emotionally. GL has since helped me to improve the situation, life is better at home now, I get along with my family, and people have been impressed with the changes in my life and home.

I saw it fit to encourage other women to attend the GL training, some of them approached me seeing as to how I have improved myself, and I helped them. I also want to get acquainted with other organizations such as Red Cross and do my market research, where I will pitch my business idea to the community and assess how they receive it.

I intend on working hard to acquire more money that I will sustain my family with, I will make that by 2030 I will have a booming business, poverty will be a thing of the past.