Botswana: Onneile Motswakgosing

Botswana: Onneile Motswakgosing

Date: April 12, 2016
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I was invited to Gender Links workshop by my neighbour and at that time I was doing nothing at home but to bask in the sun the whole day. When I got there they taught us on how write up a business plan, I am happy to report that now I am currently marketing.

I started the training in 2013 and have attended all the three trainings. I learned about business plans and gender based abuse. All the trainings where important to me however my main challenge was understanding the English language, the Gender Links facilitator was patient with me and I too was eager  to learn.

I have a business as a street vendor; I sell ice lollies and sweets. The business I wanted to venture into is difficult to start up and as such I am working to expand the one I already have, I used to be lazy and work on certain days only now I make sure I open my stall every day without failure. For the business I want the council has put me on hold till November 2015 and I am hopeful I will make it. So far with my vending business I have not had any assistance from anyone but the town council only.

I was abused by my step grandmother; this has changed as she has exhausted all she can say about me. After learning more about abuse I managed to get advice from my relatives and also get counselling from the GL representative, I know live in peace with no fear of prosecution. Reducing dependency on my grandmother reduced the abuse as I am now independent. I am now regarded as an important member of society and am invited to societal meetings to address the community about abuse.

I am going to use my skills to work on my desired business. I have learned that besides my background a woman like me is able to have a successful business. I will use the skills I have acquired to help the nation at large know about abuse and also business start-up.

By 2030 I wish to have grown in business, I wish to collaborate with my friend who has been helped by the Poverty Eradication scheme. Business is not easy, it is very challenging, and one needs to be willing to do it all. I hope my current business will generate enough income for me to start a business in the Boyei a