Swaziland: Percis Simelani

Swaziland: Percis Simelani

Date: April 14, 2016
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Attending the training has empowered me on gender based violence issues and where we can get help when we meet those problems. Meeting other gender based violence survivors and sharing ideas made me to understand that I was not suffering alone. I managed to grasp the necessary skills to grow and manage my business.  I joined the training in 2014 and attended all the stages of the training. I found everything useful. I Never knew how to draw up a business plan and do  a cash flow.  was unable to separate business from my personal life which ended up forcing me out of business.  I was running a business before the training   which ended up failing.  I am unable to go back to business because I lack funds.

The town council linked me with Gender Links which changed my life. Now I don’t experience abuse anymore. We have discussed our problems and came up with an amicable solutions. My husband is now a changed man. He is supportive of me now. I am now stress free and do not get sick often.

In my community I tell others that there is no permanent situation in life. I am seen differently in my community in the sense that I am now independent and in love with my husband.

People applaud me for my bravery because I was able to deal  with abusive in-laws. I keep in touch with others  through emails and WhatsApp.  I have learnt to separate business from my personal life.I will share with others the skills I acquired. In the future I imagine myself owning a grocery shop in the area.I will train my children to run the business so that even if I die they can be able to survive through it.