RAZAFINDRAKOTO Sarindra Malala Tatianah

RAZAFINDRAKOTO Sarindra Malala Tatianah

Date: March 31, 2016
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I was just a kid when I had to work because my mother and I were poor and that’s where I met my husband. However, no sooner was I pregnant that my husband left me, so I shouldered alone my responsibilities.

I was one of those who were chosen to participate in this training with Gender Links. At first, relations with trainees were a bit difficult because we didn’t know each other; despite that, I liked our relations when we began to discover about others. I also liked the interactions with the facilitators; besides, they perfectly knew how to transfer the knowledge we absolutely needed; and later on, all traces of fearfulness were gone.

Within the framework of that training, I have learnt many lessons that are relevant to my life, such as the recommendations regarding time management skills .There were hardly topics that were not useful.

Before the training, I hadn’t had a real job apart from carrying bricks, washing clothes and watering fields. That’s what I did for a living before. But later on, when I began to take part in the training, I learnt about how I could expand my activity.

This training is the reason why I got better like that, as I feel that I have grown more self-confident, welcoming, knowledgeable about commercial matters, daring and curious.

I’ve heard about this training via the municipality among other things; and when they informed me about it and convinced me to join in, I was immediately interested and I really wanted to participate in the training.

Before my participation in the training, I felt excluded both at home and by my entourage, especially by my entourage; they really despised and belittled me. When I wanted to do something and required their help, I couldn’t do so because I couldn’t express my ideas.

When some of those relations realized that my life had changed, there were no problems anymore in my household, I became independent and I could continue to help my mother, my younger sibling and my kid. If before, I was slightly absent-minded, I have become open to new things. Some people asked me about how I improved my life so I told them and they were convinced and showed an interest for the training; they asked me to help them join in because they felt that the training enhanced the little knowledge I already had and improved my life. And now, I am married again because I feel that I can’t make it on my own forever even if I am very enthusiastic, and my husband’s parents help us a bit.


If you ask me, there really is a correlation between financial independence and violence. I’ll explain it by using an example: if it is known that I keep a lot of money at home, people will rob me, which means that money engenders violence.

I felt a change in my life so to help people from my entourage who are victims of violence like me, I try to get close to them and to comfort them; I also teach them what I know and transfer the knowledge gained from the training in order to reduce violence and to establish equality.

Many lessons can be learnt and I enjoyed those on business plan creation, management and self-esteem. I try to teach to others what I have learnt in the training and I show that I am a courageous and talented woman thanks to all the lessons I’ve learnt.

Fifteen years from now, I wish I can also share experiences with others so that I can further my project. So I especially thank all Gender Links collaborators, the council, the trainers such as Mrs. LANTO, Mrs. KATHIE, Mrs. CLAUDIA, Mr. MAHEFA, as well as the mayor of Bongatsara and all his collaborators.