Date: April 6, 2016
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I started staying with Avhaathu in 2001 on the 03 May. He was not working; he was just fixing radios and TV. I love him so much and I did not care that he does not have anything because I loved him for who he is. After 6 years he started working and he change, he abuses me, he was not buying food for me and the kinds. He didn’t even care if the kinds have clothes, what he only cares about was his car and himself.
I started coming to TVEP in 2010 where I meet other women. We started sharing about our problems. I have learned a lot also about computer. I have also learned that if you relay on a men they can leave you. I have learned to be independent and how to start my own business and take care of the money that I will be making.

Meeting other women helps me to move on with my life. Now I’m selling and I know how to start and grow it. I have also learned that in life people go through good and bad things. I have also learned that I don’t have to undermine myself. Now I can be able to support my kinds alone. Joining this group helps me a lot and it help me grow in mind. My husband was always undermining me thinking that I will never be successful in life.

I have learned in a way that I can talk to someone who is hurt in her heart. After talking to someone who has problems they feel better, I make them feel that life can still go on. I sympathize with other people as people sympathize with me. If someone talks to me about their problems I help them. If is something that need referrals, I refer them to the police or relevant stakeholder. Everyone has the rights; no one is entitled to violate other people’s rights.

I have learned that I have to trust myself; there is a lot that I want to achieve in my life. I want to be a well known business women and I want to employee many people. In 20130 I want to find myself with trucks and shops.
I want to have a good life as a woman. TVEP makes me to accept myself, to be strong and trust myself. I wish if they can do the same to others. TVEP help me to move on with my life. Thank you.