Rihlampfu Nyiko Rebacca

Rihlampfu Nyiko Rebacca

Date: April 8, 2016
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Before I joined the Gender Links training workshops, I was living in poverty with my children while my husband was working. He was violent and abusive towards us. I started to attend these workshops in November 2014. Everything that I learned has been useful. Mostly I have learned to be independent and how to start my own business.

Before the training I was sewing clothes for kids and adults and was selling them.  The challenge was the fact that I do not have a sewing machine. Also some customers will request to buy on credit and they end up not paying. I am now strict; I only sell my goods cash.

My husband is controlling, violent and abusive towards me and my children.  When he gets paid he does not buy anything, we live in poverty. I still require assistance when it comes to my situation at home as it has not yet changed. I tried to go to the authorities for help but I was not assisted.

My children have advised me to be part of a stokvel and this has helped me to buy tables, pots, plates and spoons. My mother in law is supportive especially towards me and my children.

I looked for a job and I was employed until my husband told me to quit. He told me that he was working and he will provide but immediately after leaving my job he resorted to his old ways. Now I am able to advise other people by telling them to report their partners to the authorities if they abuse them. I am planning to buy a delivery van next year and also build a five room house. Thank you Gender Links for everything you have done for us.