Sarah Arriane

Sarah Arriane

Date: March 31, 2016
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The most interesting thing I found during the training was how to start up a business, what are the steps to follow. The entrepreneurship training I took in October 2014 at Gender Links was very fruitful to me because at the end of the courses I was able to make a business plan. I came to learn many things like how to respect myself and how I can become independent. I went to all three sessions of this course. Before joining the training I had no interest in starting up a business. However, when I came at Gender Links, I was very motivated. The way they spoke to me made me realise that I can do something too in my life like others.

I’m disabled. I cannot walk without support. I use a walker and I’m practicing walking using elbow crutches. I can move my legs though. When I was to come to the training, I was facing problems with my neighbors. Every time I would go out, they would comment inappropriate. According to them, a handicapped person should stay at home, and has no right to go outside. Despite of their improper behavior, I kept on going to the training and did not stop.

Before I joined Gender Links I was working and looking after kids. A friend of mine advised me to come to the workshop at Gender Links. I found it very interesting and motivating. They do a lot for women, support and empower them to become independent. I’m disabled since the delivery of my daughter. It has been thirteen years now. I was suffering from hypertension during my pregnancy and when my daughter was born I felt really sick. Up till now I’m struggling with my illness. I’m separated from my husband but before that I was not experiencing any violence.

I have not set up my business yet because of financial problems. I wanted to sell pizzas. I do take small orders from people. However, to start up a business, I need more equipment like utensils, oven, and plates. I also wanted to have pizza boxes with my name on them. Nevertheless, I’m trying to save money to be able to do so. Recently, I have received an order from teachers at school. I used to get orders on birthdays also. Additionally, In the future I’m interested in making pastry too. I can see myself as a successful woman in the upcoming years and I’m very grateful to Gender Links for the encouragement they gave me.