South Africa: *Sarah

South Africa: *Sarah

Date: April 8, 2016
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I am on the ward committee in ward 23 Bophelong and my portfolio is public transport, roads and public works. I also have a business selling chickens, clothes, shoes and perfumes. I have learnt a lot from the Gender Links training about how to run the business.

I started with the training in August 2014 with the I stories workshop and I have attended all the three  phases. The most useful lessons were the need to manage buying stock for my business and self discipline when dealing with difficult people and learning how to be patient. I was selling before the training but it has helped me a lot to try to grow my business and I know that I will be successful business women.

The municipality has not helped me at all but the chance of me being successful is high as my family has been very helpful and motivates me.  Having a business idea and the fact that I am a business woman who now knows more about business and her rights as a woman, has been helpful. When a woman is economically independent she will have more power because some women are stay in the relationships because there are asking themselves how they will survive. It is a better now because I now sell second hand shoes with a market price for my customers and they are very happy with my prices. The community see me as their life saver since I sell the quality shoes.

I have been socializing with other women teaching them about beating the hunger in our community. Selling of readymade stuff is another way of doing business. I have been helping to create new knowledge of new ways of doing things to make our lives better. This not only changes your life but also changes the lives of others and doing so God will bless you.

I have learned to budget for my children’s future as my first born is in the university and to save for my other kids. What Gender Links has taught me I have applied in my life.  I was brought up in a business environment as my mother was also having a business and I wish my children will also have a mind for business and I have already thought them as they are selling ice creams, sweets and biscuits after school.