Date: March 31, 2016
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The entrepreneurship training at Gender Links held in October 2014 was very useful. My best experience during the training was that I came into contact with many people; I got many friends with whom I shared a lot, I felt relaxed and that made me extremely happy. I came to know that I was not the only one who was facing such problems. I attended all the three phases and they were all very helpful. I already have my own business, but after I followed the course, I have learnt more about how to improve my business, how to deal with my money, my profit and expenses. I was very satisfied at this end of the course because I have learnt many things.

I’m into the binding business since the past few years and I have my very own workshop. Actually it was my husband’s job. That was what he was doing in the municipal council, but he had to retire at the age of fifty-three because of his drinking problem. Then I decided to open up a workshop at my place itself. My husband taught me how to do binding for a while but later on he got sick and could not teach me more. So I started working by myself. Now clients would come looking for me to bind their projects, assignments and even books. This business works out very well for me. I managed to send my children to the university. My daughter even completed her masters.

Furthermore, every Sunday I work in the market of Rose belle where I put up for sale clothes like traditional outfits for women and also men’s wear. I’m fifty-three now. Despite of my age I’m still standing on my feet. I have been working at the market for seventeen years. Sometimes I do get exhausted. My son told me to give up the job at the market and I refused. I will stop when I will not be able to do it any longer. Besides, I receive many clients for the binding services at the market. Lately a lady asked me to bind her son’s project which he had to take to England. I made it. Afterward the lady called to send her gratitude as her son has passed in his project and this made me felt very wonderful.

Experiencing violence in my life has not stopped. Since my husband consumes alcohol a lot, fighting and arguing are daily issues. The only difference now is I try to avoid him as much as possible so that to keep away from conflict.  I have learnt during the training that how to defend myself and how to respond to inappropriate words. Even though my husband is a drunkard, I bear with it. I choose to look after my children instead of sitting idly cursing my fate. Sometimes when he is sober, he does give me a hand in the shop.

My future plans is to have my driving license first and then a car. I have been learning since a long time. I have been to the driving test two times and I have failed. It is indeed very costly nowadays but I have not given up yet. Each Sunday I have to pay someone to drop me at the market. If I had a car, it would have been much easier. Never mind, this is my dream and someday I know it will come true.