South Africa: Vivian Dubenzi

South Africa: Vivian Dubenzi

Date: April 28, 2016
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I was abused for 28 years by my husband and he was not abusing me only even the children and it was not good for the family. And the children started using drugs because they were confused, angry and frustrated of the treatment they were getting from their father.  One of my children dead because he overdosed drugs and on the  25 June 2013 he was buried and on the same year I had stroke.

But I thank God for  all he has done for me. I got introduced to the Gender Links entrepreneurship training were I was taught how to bring a positive change in my life and my children. I now able to speak to other women and that has helped me to relieve the stress I had. I am a new women who can speak and socialize with other people without having a fear of being judged or criticized.

I started with this Gender Links workshops in the year 2014. The first time I was at the training I did not feel sorry for myself because I was free. Juliana Davids who was facilitating taught us about violence/abuse and how we could get our lives in good order. I feel as if all the phases were very useful to me. Now I know I can manage a business because I have a skills.

 I have started a business, I cook and feed the community and 240 school children I feed them with bread and soup and for the future I  plan to have my Non Profitable Organization and have it registered with the relevant departments so that I may get donors or even food donations. Witzenberg  municipality help us with many things and I am thankful for that as well.

I first encountered abuse as a child whereby my mother was also abusive towards me and my siblings. Now after this training of Gender Links I am a much strong person as I am able to help those are facing abuse in their relationships. In my community they know me as a social worker who is always ready to help when needed.

In 2030 I see myself being successful in my business and giving the youth and the skills I have acquired so that the attitude and the poverty/abuse in my community will be lesser than it is now. Thank you Gender Links.