South Africa: *Xoliswa Mahlalo

South Africa: *Xoliswa Mahlalo

Date: April 28, 2016
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I have been abused by my boyfriend for 15 years, I was staying with him and he would leave me in the middle of the night to go to other women and when he come back in the morning if I asked him where did he go would hit me and he would not give me money for food. He was always telling me that one day he would kill me. I was invited by a friend to come for the training and after the training I then realized that I have been abused all these time.

I started with the training in 2014 and I attended all the 3 phases and the importance of these training’s is about speaking out about the abuse and there is nothing I found less useful. I was abused by my boyfriend but now we broke up and now I am able to stand with myself.

Before the project I was at home doing nothing, I was scared thinking that people will see/notice that I have been abuse in my house. Now I buy clothes and sell to my community. The training has helped to realize my importance as a women in Witzenberg.

I only realised the abuse of my boyfriend after attending the workshop but since I broke up with him and joined the training life has been great. I am now in a position to talk to other woman who are in the same situation I used to be in, I always advise them to speak out about the abuse even those who fight with their kids.

My business is very important to me because I am no longer suffering like before. And for that I would like to thank Gender Links and hoping that you will be able to help other women as well. By the year 2030 my business will be well established because of my confidence and my hard work and I will teach other women what I have learned.