Botswana: Susan Moduku

Botswana: Susan Moduku

Date: April 11, 2016
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I had no hope whatsoever that I will one day get over the problems I had in my life, the first day I attended the seminar I was heartbroken and miserable as I was in the midst of abuse, however after the very first seminar by Gender Links I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. I learned that abuse does not only affect adults, it has an impact on the young and contributes greatly to the kind of people they will be when they grow up.

I got introduced to Gender Links in 2013 and I have been fortunate enough to attend all the seminars held in Gantsi. I learned about business start-up and also received the much needed counselling. I was abused both emotionally and physically but ever since Gender Links a lot has changed for the better and now live happily with my family in peace and freedom. The council has been by my side and help me pay for my children’s school fees, took me on courses which were about jewellery making and also gave me a tuck-shop so I use it’s my source of income.

Ever since I make my own money I have a lot more self-esteem and other people value me way more. The tuck-shop I have been given has helped me take care of my family in general. I now inform people on Gender Links and the services they may get at the organization if they happen to experience abuse of any sort.

I wish to rear cattle so I support my family off them and by the year 2030 I wish to be able to sell my cattle to the government for them to export it generating money for the nation at large. This will make me proud as I know I indirectly contributed to the foreign exchange received by my country.