Swaziland: Celiwe Msimango

Swaziland: Celiwe Msimango

Date: April 18, 2016
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I was unable to take decision for my life in fear of being undermined. Attending the training made understand that no matter how bad your past was, you can still achieve your goals in life. It made me realize that I was suffering from abuse and I changed my attitude towards my situation.  I am going to take my case further, am sure someone is going to give me an ear and do something about it.

Up until now my case was closed and I have no means of livelihood since I was injured in that minibus. I do not know who to talk to about this because the people I thought relevant turned me down. I lost all contacts with the lawyer. However joining the training has helped me know my right, I am hoping someone out there will hear my cry. Although I learnt so much on business management, I can no longer go to buy my stock since I am afraid of boarding a minibus. I have decided in doing my business locally and avoid traveling long distance.

I started with the Gender Links Entrepreneurship workshops in the year 2013 and have attended all the stages of the training they offered in Siketi. All the information that was shared with me has been very useful to me especially the business plan writing and nothing was not important. One of my challenges was writing a business plan but i eventual did with the help of the facilitator and now i am having a problem of a capital to start over the business. The training has given me ideas and strategies on how to do my business. I am currently selling eggs.

The only thing that the Siteki town council has help me with is introducing me to Gender Links which has help with my confidence and attitude towards life. I see a bright future for me and my family. I have learnt about the different types of abuse and where to get help if faced by such situation. My daughter is helping me with the M.V.A issue now. I am now able to speak out about abuse and also encourage others to stop suffering in silent. I now share my business ideas with other women which contributes in their economic status. There is a link between economic empowerment and gender based violence in the sense that those who have power tend to manipulate those less privileged.

I learnt the importance of keeping financial record and the importance of saving business money for the future and the growth of the business. And in the year 2030 I would love to be a supplier of some products and having a car