Swaziland: Celiwe Shongwe

Swaziland: Celiwe Shongwe

Date: April 15, 2016
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After attending the workshop I realised that many women are suffering from abusing and every woman has a story to tell. I reckon it was either perpetuated by a family member or their spouse. Some of them were not sure whether to come out of their cocoons and forgive their abusers or shy away but mostly they seek a way to deal with their situations and come out with a peaceful solution to it. The most challenge they face was that they are highly dependent on their spouse for everything so the only option they had was to forgive them and face the music.

I work as a volunteer at the Mankayane Town Council. I teaches at the local care point pre-school and do traditional trainings for cultural groups in the area. And loves working with children such that I has enrolled at the University of Swaziland and took up a Psycho-Social Support course. I appreciates the involvement of youth in economic empowerment project such as the entrepreneurship project. I was raised by a single parent and is also raising a girl by myself.

I have been trained to work around children and knows how to handle all sorts of challenges faced by children especially those faced with hard childhood. The  I am a teache at pre-school at deals with orphaned and vulnerable children. I also takes time to counsel them when she feel the need.

I am a multi-talented young lady who is passionate about culture. And teaches cultural groups to dance and I am often hired to lead traditional wedding ceremonies. I use my God given talent to make money and get equipment for the business she is planning to venture in.  I want  to do a beauty saloon. I was lucky to be chosen as one of the competitors of the 2015 summit held in Swaziland. I was doing a  business start-up category. I won an award runner ups in my category.

I appreciate my involvement in the training since she was working with young people. Gender Links and Mankayane AMICAAL have positively influenced my life, encouraging me to think constructively about my life through workshops and where I got empowered on gender roles, entrepreneurial skills and leadership skills. Whereas the Town council has given me space to operate my business for the next six months for free and free access to use the computer to research on new ideas to operate my business.

With Gender Links I have been effectively enhanced to understanding business planning and cash flow projections. It transpired that I was making a lot from the business I was operating.

To change one person’s life is investing change to that person’s community because as long as she or he will share the information, that information will spread and many will benefit the same change. I am planning to get the necessary equipment to operate my business. I also plans to share the business skills I have acquired with the youth in my community.