Swaziland: Charity Khoza

Swaziland: Charity Khoza

Date: April 15, 2016
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After attending the workshop I realised that many women are suffering from abusing and every woman has a story to tell. I reckon it was either perpetuated by a family member or their spouse. Some of them were not sure whether to come out of their cocoons and forgive their abusers or shy away but mostly they seek a way to deal with their situations and come out with a peaceful solution to it. The most challenge they face was that they are highly dependent on their spouse for everything so the only option they had was to forgive them and face the music.

I joined the Gender Links Entrepreneurship training in 2014 and I attended all the workshops which where held in Makayena hosted by Gender Links. I have agained a lot of knowledge through the workshops like how to curb gender based violence and gender equality. My self- esteem has improved.

I have a business of selling fruits which I had started a long time before attending the Gender Links entrepreneurship workshops and i am still doing it. the only thing the town council has helped me with is introducing me to Gender Links. Through the workshops i have learnt how to use a computer and created my own email address and that has enabled to go to the internet cafe to do my own research. And I would like to thank the Gender Links officers for being available to assist me when I need help.

People close to me are well informed with gender based violence issues and how it affect people especially women and children and how a person could help. I am now aware of my right and I am strong and confident but no one close to me has experienced abuse. Happy that we are living peaceful with my family and now independent. In the 2030 i would like to have a business and would help those who want to start business financially.