Swaziland: Cingiwe Mziyako

Swaziland: Cingiwe Mziyako

Date: April 18, 2016
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I was unable to take decision for my life in fear of being undermined. Attending the training made understand that no matter how bad your past is, you can still achieve your goals in life. It made me realize that I was suffering from abuse and I changed my attitude.  I was able to start a small business using the skills I acquired from the training. I also learn how to use the internet and search for other business ideas to grow my business.

 I joined the training in the year 2014 and I have attended all the stages of the entrepreneurship training. And everything I have learnt has been very useful to me and I managed to draw a business plan for myself. I really enjoyed the training. I am working for AMICAAL and having a business of selling perfumes and now I have expanded my business and started selling eggs as well.

The Siteki town council has linked me with Gender Links who has helped wit the change in my life. The training has equipped me with new ideas and strategies to do my business and boost my self-esteem. The Gender Links Entrepreneurship workshops has help me to networking with other women who are having the same business and ideas as mine and that is going to help me to grow.

There has been a change in my life, I now know my rights unlike before. And I was judgemental before and the training has opened my mind, I now can speak to other people about life and the difficulties we face as women and how we could overcome those difficulties if we unite as one, encourage other women to speak out the abuse as the silence is killing our nation. Other women do not accept the changes in my life because domestic violence is a way of life to them, when I took the steps and report the abuse they restrict me somehow. The power who have power mostly manipulate people with less power to get things done for them. I believe women should be involved in decision and policy  making in the country and so that could be possible I always vote for a woman.

I keep in touch with others with through emails and whatsapp, which I both have be thought at Gender Links workshops. One change in my attitude moving from now on wards is to treat everyone with respect irrespective of his or her status. And wish to have an outlet where people can easily access my products, a beautiful home and a car.