Swaziland: Elderness Ntshalintshali

Swaziland: Elderness Ntshalintshali

Date: April 15, 2016
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I was unable to take decision for my life in fear of being undermined. Attending the training made understand that no matter how bad your past is, you can still achieve your goals in life. It made me realize that I was suffering from abuse and I changed my attitude.  I was able to start business using the skills I acquired from the training.

I am a farmer from Mancubeni area in Mankayane which is under Manzini region. Mancubeni is in the Highveld which boast with mountains and rivers and rich fertile soils. The climate also favours crop production and animal husbandry because there is plenty of rainfall in the region in summer. My land is situated next to a stream which I uses to draw water for watering my farm during winter season. I plant myvegetables and crops throughout the year. My farm is easily accessible by foot or vehicles.

I have secured a 5 hectors of land and fenced it for farming though currently is using about 3 hectors to plant my  wares. I cultivates the crops and vegetable for consumption but mainly for sale.I practices rotation so the soil can nourish itself by using legumes and putting lime and manure. I plant her vegetables on monthly bases so I can meet the market demand.

Temas vegies was established in 2014 and that was after attending the Gender Links workshop, I  supplies crops and vegetables to people around my home area and the local market. “I was motivated by the lack of vegetables in the market at certain times”.  Local venders also support me. I aims at getting my own transport and cultivating all my land so I can meet the demand of the vegetables in the market.