Swaziland: Gcinaphi Sihlabela

Swaziland: Gcinaphi Sihlabela

Date: April 15, 2016
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After attending the workshop I realised that many women are suffering from abusing and every woman has a story to tell. I reckon it was either perpetuated by a family member or their spouse. Some of them were not sure whether to come out of their cocoons and forgive their abusers or shy away but mostly they seek a way to deal with their situations and come out with a peaceful solution to it. The most challenge they face was that they are highly dependent on their spouse for everything so the only option they had was to forgive them and face the music.

I was introduced to the Gender Links programme in the year  2014 and was also invited to all other phases workshop they had and i was very honored to be part of these group of women. And my self esteem has improved and gained a lot of information on how to start  and run a successful  business.

I currently have a business selling ready made different products, like vaseline, Sta soft, peanut butter and niknaks. And my business is doing well as a starter up business and using the information i have been thought in the workshop, (practicing what i have been thought and is working well). The advantage of my business is that the community members don’t have to catch a bus to town to buy certain products as I bring the products to them and in that way they are also saving on transport. I learnt to keep all financial transactions and managing a business.

In the year 2030, i would like to have a grocery shop in town town and I can give back to the community by employing women. Thank you very much to Gender Links for these good project.